Welcome to the Memory of Stones Web!

Welcome to the Memory of Stones Web! - Memory Of Stones


"You will find more lessons in the woods than in books.

Trees and stones will teach you what you cannot learn from masters"

St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153, Cistercian abbot and monk)



Welcome and Thank you for visiting our Website! Memory of Stones Web is a new portal devoted to Europe and its amazing cultural, historical, artistic and natural heritage. Through the Love for our beautiful little continent we wish to accompany you in a kind of magical tasting of the European History, Folklore and Nature.


We wish you a pleasant surfing and hope you will enjoy the contents. 

The Memory of Stones website has been launched recently and many sections are inevitably in continuous development. Please excuse any less-than-polished pages and come back often for the latest updates. Thank you.



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Visit Historia Vivens Web (www.historiavivens.eu), the gateway to Living History & Reenactment in Europe with plenty of related materials and resources.

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Discover the unique "living" heritage of Europe! The HisTourism section is dedicated to Historical & Heritage Tourism, covering a wide range of tourist activities, that include historical sightseeing and sightdoing, experiencing the past life and local traditions. To read more and to browse the listings of the Historical Tourism Sites and Open-Air Museums around Europe, please follow the link: HisTourism



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Enjoy the Memory of Stones Photo&Video Galleries for an exciting journey into Living History, Natural, Historical and Folklore Heritage of Europe, through a wide selection of pictures and videos. Images and music will accompany you in unique discoveries, providing with inspiration and emotions!


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HistoriaVivens for Ukraine!

HistoriaVivens for Ukraine! - Memory Of Stones

Please click on the image to get to know more about Euromaidan in Ukraine. Thank you from all our heart!

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! - Memory Of Stones

Click on the image to discover more about the spring season in nature, folklore and traditions.

Historia Vivens Web

Historia Vivens Web - Memory Of Stones

Visit HistoriaVivens, the gateway to Living History & Reenactment in Europe.

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